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CAD for Punch-laser combination Trumpf TC 6000 L FMC
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CAD for Punch-laser combination Trumpf TC 6000 L FMC
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Ort : 74072, Baden-Württemberg
Land : Germany
Auktion endet in :
Start Datum : Jun. 13, 2017 00:36:32
End Zeit : Oct. 11, 2017 00:36:32
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Registriert seit dem Aug. 27, 2010
in Germany

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CAD software for Punch-laser combination Trumpf TC 6000 L FMC.
cncCut has been developed to meet the demands for both more comprehensive functionality and improved user-friendliness. It supports all cutting technologies for example laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting and waterjet cutting without the need for additional software, yet avoids being overly complicated.

You can easily load DXF drawing files into the software without previous training, or create your own drawings using our integrated IBECAD solution. The drawings are then automatically assigned the technical data your machine requires to cut them. cncCUT suggests the shortest cutting path, which can be edited at any time. The transition from the creation of the drawing to its conversion into a CAM module is seamless and time-saving, as there is no need to switch between different applications. Following this, a few clicks suffice to create your nesting plan. Once your nesting plan is completed, you are just one more click away from creating your NC code! This is a very easy use of nesting software!

  • Select a sheet by material type, thickness or size
  • Speed, component offsets and other cutting parameters are defined in the controller and issued to the post processor
  • Create, delete and search for individual sheets in the database
  • Navigate through the list of sheets with ease.
  • cncCut's default values can be altered to suit your specific needs
Imports Drawings
  • Import various line drawing file formats (e.g. DXF and DIN)
  • Repair faulty diagrams with the DXF checker
  • Save regularly used drawings to a quick-access list
  • Use macros to create many types of pre-programmed components
  • Save your macros in a table to make them easier to find for reuse
Repairing errors in your drawings
Instantly fix problems including:
  • Open outlines
  • Elements with no connection to another element
  • Duplicate circles and arcs with the same center points and radii
  • Disjoined arcs and vectors lying at an angle of 180° to each other
  • Clear overview of all errors present in the drawing
Machine settings

All cutting technologies (laser, plasma, flame and waterjet cutting) are supported
  • Clear overview of all lead-in settings
  • Easy setting of lead-ins, allowing differentiation between circular, non-circular, internal and external contours
  • Instant visual representation of all lead-in alterations in the drawing
  • Zoom in on the component including all lead-ins and lead-outs

Various forms of Nesting

We offer three different types of nesting. The simplest variant is grid nesting, which nests all parts to the sheet at right angles in a grid. Grid nesting only allows one type of shape at a time to be nested. The same applies for parquet nesting, but the parts are automatically nested at the most efficient angles in order to use the least amount of space possible for each sheet. The parquet nesting feature is exclusively offered by us. The final method is true shape nesting, which allows more than one type of shape at a time to be nested to a sheet. This is why it is also referred to as multi-part nesting software. The feature shared by all our nesting methods, is their speed and the ease with which you can apply them.

  • Fully automatic nesting to sheets
  • Display of the number of components a sheet can hold
  • Enter the required number of components for instant nesting
  • Various combinations of cutting directions and orders
  • Multi-torch option

ncCAD32 Postprozessor

Ncdef.................Typ............................Ext..............................Technologi / Machine

840...................ncCAD...................CNC.....................Punch-laser combination Trumpf TC 6000 L FMC

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CAD for Punch-laser combination Trumpf TC 6000 L FMC


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CAD for Punch-laser combination Trumpf TC 6000 L FMC bei Industrie Auktionshaus für gebrauchte Maschinen und Ersatzteile : Neue Industrie Software (endet: Oct. 11, 2017 00:36:32)
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